The use of PCHS® determines a concrete change, oriented to prevention and wellness.

The hospitals will respect their function to provide assistance, reducing the risk of generating infections and discomfort to patients.

And the community will be more protected in terms of health, especially the nosocomial one.


PCHS® responds to the need to make an original and effective safeguarding

of the safety of healthcare facilities and hospitals in compliance with the centrality of the patient.


1 - Preliminary phase
First level of information and customer training – Body, Company, Cleaning Firm – about PCHS® system
2 - Operational phase
Analysis of the types of environments and identification of operational protocols to be applied. Operational protocols identify:
1) the levels of services to be provided according to the types of environment
2) the technical solutions to be adopted (products and materials)
3) quality and self-control procedures adopted
4) means of implementation to reduce the environmental impact Training of customer contact on Operational protocols Training of service responsible with release of certificate of PCHS Hygiene Operator® Release of "PCHS® Standard Quality" to Customer.
3 - Management and control phase
With the ACC information system, management monitoring is assured:
1) hygiene indicators check by microbiological sampling
2) check of process and result quality procedures
3) environmental impact reduction parameters control
4) annual inspection of compliance to PCHS® Quality Standard with certificate issue


Environmental and social sustainability

The man-environment relationship is the precondition of any current and future activities. Without it there can be no development and that is why it needs to be improved through commitment and strictness. PCHS® system operates in a direction of social and environmental sustainability, at the basis of the principle that determines it, and maintaining consistence with the objectives achieved.


PCHS® is a solution born from innovation that uses forefront tools and technologies,

to be able to look forward, be beneficial to the community, and take part in a global prevention project.


PCHS® has always been inspired by fundamental and essential values that contribute to well-being and health. For this reason, responsibility, innovation, sustainability and people are the core of any activity. Since being players in the supply chain of health implies ethics and accountability, as well as environmental and social sustainability.



"Environments are the people who inhabit them.

And our job is to be a strategic part in the health sector.

Let's be clear, preventing the risk of infection in this case, is not just about improving sanitisation

but also reducing the number of preventable deaths."

Alberto Rodolfi, Copma President    



We take care of hygiene, and infection prevention.